Massage Therapy

Achieve a high level of fitness and weight loss with nutrition and massage (varying pressure (deep tissue), hot stones, and stretching) suited for athletes (pre and post), stress cases, injury rehabs, and pregnant moms.

Benefits of Massage

1) Manage Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

2) Ease Pain and Increase Muscle Function

3) Improve Sleep and Muscle Recovery

4) Boost Immunity and Wellbeing

5) Raise Alertness and Body Awareness

Massage Do’s and Dont’s


1) Drink water but eat light– hydrated muscles and skin respond better to massage

2) Make appointment at least one day ahead of time to ensure you get the day and time that best fits your schedule

3) Clean bodies are appreciated – skin will be more apt to absorb oil nutrients

4) Undress to your comfort level – you will be draped appropriately (underwear is always ok to leave on)

5) Communicate with your therapist –medical conditions, allergies, concerns; Please speak up immediately if you are in pain or uncomfortable


1) Last minute cancellations do not give enough time for another client to book that hour – time has been reserved just for you so don’t miss out

2) Drinking alcohol is not recommended – massage may intensify the affects and make driving dangerous

3) Showering after your massage is not necessary – essential oils help your body heal – excess oil is removed with sheet or hot towels

4) Don’t wait too long – get a massage at least once a month for maintenance – but more often is better so the root cause can be addressed rather than the symptom

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