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Dr. Bryan Ales

Reviews From our Satisfied Patients:

  • "Both, Dr. Ales and Dhanell are amazing! I have been going to Dr. Ales (Chiropractor) for over five years, and he always helps my injuries. He is a miracle worker. Dhanell (Acupuncturist) has assisted me with so many problem areas such as migraines, anxiety, injuries, vitamin testing, and more. It is amazing how she once touched my hand and said I lacked vitamin D. I then went to the doctor and was told the same as a result of my labs. I highly recommend Dr. Ales and Dhanell. They completely care and their concern is to help you versus just put a band-aid on the problem."
    Maria N.
  • "I get acupuncture from Dhanell. It's the absolute best, you leave feeling revived. Everyone should treat themselves to this experience, it is life changing. I had a nerve severed by a dentist and it gets me through my ailments and depression! Love this place."
    Gino F.
  • "My first acupuncture visit ever. Dhanell is an expert in her trait. She also care about all your body and not only your main concern. She was able to Confirm my feelings with how my body reacted to treatment. She recommended some vitamins which I knew I should've been taking a long time ago. I will be visiting her again next week and bringing my mom with me this time."
    Perla M.
  • "I came into this office with severe back and rib pain. After one session with Bryan Ales, I felt instantly better and was finally able to move around without a great deal of discomfort and pain. He really took the time to figure out how I got injured, and used a variety of methods to help with my pain. I will definitely be coming back for all my future chiropractic care and will be referring anybody that needs care over to Bryan."
    Hamza S.
  • "I've known and been treated by Dr Ales for many years. What I like about him is that he's smart, passionate, and always looking for ways to grow professionally so he can better serve his clients. Always up on the latest technology, he finds ways to adjust and treat so that one can recover and heal as quickly as possible. Both my daughter and I have recently been treated for shoulder injuries, and have been very pleased with the results. He also has been very proactive in getting my daughter's feet in alignment and properly supported so as she goes through her next growing spurt, she will be in optimal shape. His staff is super friendly and the Pandora tunes are cranking, all adding to a great vibe when you go in for a treatment!"
    Anne Marie R.
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